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Friday, August 22, 2008

More from our "I-thought-we'd-stopped-this-a-while-ago" Department:

By Merlin's beard, dearest Naked Cowboy! What in thunder am I going to do with you?

First you're suing the twits at M&M's Chocolate Candies for alleged image infringement --- and now comes word that you're in talks with the folks at Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment whereby you would host and co-executive produce your very own VH1 reality show! Here's what you told the New York Post the other day:

"I wanna see people like me --- the real deal. I'm looking for character more than anything. You could be the greatest musician in the world, but if you just stand around in jeans and a T-shirt next to me, no one'll notice you. I'm looking for someone who's pure and awesome --- like me!"

Robert John Burck, you silly Stetson-clad twit! If it's characters you're looking for, I should like to remind you that it was compliments of a certain Thor the Barbarian that the Planet in general, and your humble Dragonmaster in particular, first came to know you; and I would further add that I selected you and Thor to be ranked amongst my Champions of the Imagination for a reason: because, in my eyes, you represented the values upheld by New York City's greatest eccentric, beloved and glorious Louis Thomas Hardin, a/k/a
Moondog! Now really, I want to know what it is that makes you think that you're the end-all, be-all of purity and awesomeness --- when the fact remains that some of us, your Dragonmaster especially, don't necessarily subscribe to such philosophies in this present day and age! Why do you think, then, dearest Naked Cowboy, that you can grumble about being the heir to American Idol all you want --- but it still won't get you all the prestige and drama you desire unles you're willing to work for it. And that's the name of that tune, say I.

Now I'm a day behind in my e-mail, and I have lots to do, so if you'll kindly excuse me.........

Master Blackwolf