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Friday, November 14, 2008

A Little Memory Refresher, and Other Weird Friday Things to Ponder

Well, my dearests, here be some Dragonmasterly wisdom: 'Tis amazing, say I, how much proper slumber and a good bit of resting of one's brain can make plenty of difference. Having said that, let me say this:

It seems that my fellow Champion of the Imagination, the Naked Cowboy, has ended his feud with the goodlies of M&M/Mars. For those of you who don't remember, the whole thing involved the Blue M&M satirizing our dear Robert John Burck as part of the animated window thingie overlooking M&M's World @ Times Square in Midtown Manhattan. As I discovered the other day, apparently both parties have agreed to settle the case out of court; one may assume that terms of said settlement are to remain undisclosed.

Nonetheless, just because this case is finally at its proper conclusion is no excuse for a slight reprimand from yours truly! I hope, Naked Cowboy, that this incident teaches you a proper lesson about learning how to laugh at yourself! 'Tis for that reason that I chose you to be numbered among my Champions of the Imagination! One need not go through this life being so thin-skinned all the bloomin' time! What, I wonder, would Moondog say to you were he to learn of your behavior during these incidents? Granted, the M&M's folks wanted to salute you for your inventiveness, imagination and chutzpah --- but you chose not to see it that way. You wanted your image and likeness protected at all costs; I'm sure the M&M's people wanted that as well. Frankly, I wish you had taken their sense of humor to heart and treated that display as the simple little tribute that it was!

(Oh, and by the way, I don't like that Elvis impersonator guy you hired as your flunky. Frankly, he scares me. Yes, even Blackwolf the Dragonmaster can be frightened of certain Mortals.)

All right, goodly gentles ---- enough kvetching. 'Tis Friday, and we are facing again a rainstorm; and more, I am already suffering from Lordi withdrawal syndrome. Yes, my friends, a week hath pass'd since I was granted the opportunity to, dare I say it, suck face with the Monstericans. I have been chomping at the bit ever since to share with you the resulting relevant footage. Though Robert Smigel hath promis'd me that said footage will find its way online by the end of the weekend, I have begun to grow bored. Look, keeping focus on stuff tends to make me a grumpy auld Mage; I would like to attempt to unwind, if it be possible!

Hast thou a problem wi' that, Milord?

As ever,

Master Blackwolf