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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pre-Halloween Dragonmaster Thoughts

As usual, my day off has been compromised by forces beyond my ken, most of them the result of the silliness of Master Richard's panic attack of a few days ago. Paranoia is, I fear, as paranoia does --- though I strongly suspect that some of us Magic-users often wield those capabilities more often than others.

Nevertheless, the time will soon be at hand when I must make my last official public appearance for the year, at the 34th Annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. I may spend some time with Captain Zorikh at Penn Plaza Pavilion for the next Big Apple Comic Book Convention, but I have not yet made that official as yet; and there remains, for now, no further word as to the whereabouts of the Captain's beloved guitar.

Why in Merlin's name am I obsessing about someone else's lost property is difficult to assess for some of you Mortals. I would wager you all think I over-obsess. Well, maybe I do --- but when other folks need, that affects your Dragonmaster quite a lot --- and I have to make doubly certain that others are made happy, even if I myself cannot be made happy in return. It's called making the great sacrifice. You dum-dums oughta try it sometime. Besides, it'll give you a good and proper escape for the silliness of the so-called entertainment bullshit.

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