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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dragonmaster on Election Night Special

Well, Mortals, by this time upon the morrow, we shall know who shall have charge upon us as the --- in all honesty, I have begun to wonder whether or not the very words have or have not completely lost their meaning --- President of the United States. History can do many things to many beings, even unto a Wizard, or so the legends tell; but once again, your Dragonmaster finds himself re-examining the purposes that set me on the Quest I have spent so much time following since the immediate aftermath of 9/11 per se.

On the one hand, there is a man untested by the greater horrors of the world; on the other hand, you have a man permanently scarred by those same horrors, and willing to live with the responsibilities of his actions. Those of you who continue to follow the Amazing Spider-man in the worlds of Marvel Comics and are obviously too well aware of the Marvel philosophy: "....with great power there must also come great responsibility." More and more it becomes obvious: John McCain stands by this philosophy. Barack Obama, alas, does not.

I have been particularly troubled, frankly, by Barack's determination, should he win tonight's vote, to initiate a dialogue with the President of Iran. Here is a man who repeatedly has expressed a desire to destroy Israel --- and yet Barack would wish to meet up with him? Unacceptable at best, inexcusable at worst! This, dearests, is why Pearl Harbor happened ... and, consequently, it's why Hiroshima happened as well. I need hardly remind my fellow Americans that we are at odds with a society who would, if its efforts were to remain unchallenged, bring Western civilization to its knees --- and, by so doing, remake the free world unto its own image. Even now, I'm beginning to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in a whole new light. A world where the concept of truth against lies is one thing; and where the determination of who is and is not telling either may decide Mortalkind's destiny.

"But, Master Blackwolf," I hear you saying, "what has all this to do with choosing the President of the United States?"

PLENTY! Must I remind you that human freedom, or, more accurately, its future, is at stake tonight? By your vote, you will choose to either save the world or end it. My only hope is, of course, that you choose wisely. The last thing this foolish old beetlehead wants to take on is a second Jimmy Carter Presidency, or so the sillies are calling it; still, one never knows where the forces of Destiny will take him in the end. This, then, is why your Dragonmaster listens to Mark Levin; he and I, as you know, remain the only ones on Earth who pretty much get it.

But, as always, a Dragonmaster's work is never done. Ah, me.

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