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Friday, April 29, 2005

Dragonmaster on Star Wars: Time 2 Get Real

You know, Mortals, one of the things I shall never properly understand about you is why you are so bloody quick to dismiss the various worlds of the Star Wars Saga. There are some creatures and humans and droids in these Chronicles that you love; and more than a few that you loathe; I mean, let's get real hither, O goodly gentles: Somewhere in this vast Multiverse, there's someone who absolutely cannot live without Jar Jar Binks --- so much so, that he or she has had to develop a website created for the express purpose of celebrating exactly how Jar Jar made his or her day!
I, too, have a vested interest in seeing Episode III: Revenge of the Sith work: You see, were it not for me pals at, those beloved Star Wars Nerds, I would not have gotten me Wizardly butt discovered by the likes of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, who, unfortunately, will not be joining those "uberdorks," as he called us of old --- which doesn't do much for me bloomin' ego. Besides, it woulda been a doozy of a thrill to be pooped on by the ol' fresh hound again! (Heh-heh!)
But let's get a few things straight here: Most of you can't figure George Lucas out even if you think he's a bloody has-been! Give the man a break, already! At age 61, he is no longer the bold visionary we thought he once was of old. But that is only because age, time and wisdom have united to humble him into that which he once was. He is no longer searching for his big dream! If he has found it, then I can do no more save wish him the best of luck. As for you, there are others who are devoted to the Ewoks, Jar Jar and all the rest of them --- and there are webmasters across the cosmos who are hopelessly devoted to them all! And if there's at least one person around this lousy solar system who, at the very least, loved (or bothered to love) Howard the Duck, i shall be more than happy to welcome him or her into our Inner Circle!
And now that I've blogged meself hoarse re Episode III, all that remains now is to take me Wizardly butt to the Ziegfeld Theatre --- and hope my fellow dorks don't drive your humble Dragonmaster bonkers!