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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Quest to Tie Up a Few Loose Ends!

Good morrow, Mortals!

As I make my long-overdue return to the ol' Diary of Magecraft, I need to make you, my dear fans, aware of certain things. Here they are:

You may have noticed that I've had to make a few upgrades to my fabulous Dark Chambers. Recently, I had the good fortune to stumble onto, which salutes the Broadsword Television Production in Association with Anglia Television for ITV England. Written, created and produced by Tony Child, the show was a fantasy-inspired journey into a dark castle whose wise but no-nonsense guardian, Treguard, invited three young would-be Knights to explore --- and possibly survive --- his castle and its dark secrets. Running on ITV in England for eight seasons, Knightmare was a guilty pleasure for young would be sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts of all ages.

Your humble Dragonmaster remembers another show that had a similar premise: Knights & Warriors. Hosted by Joe Fowler and Lisa Canning, the show, which, I remember, ran for but 2 seasons at CBS/MTM Studio Center in Studio City, Calif., was a weekly series wherein, as Joe would often describe it, "the medieval games of the 14th Century are updated and brought into the 20th Century." The third major element of that show was the bold-voiced burly fellow who kept constant watch over what they then called the "Warrior-dome," the Lord of Rules and Discipline (L.O.R.D.), portrayed by the late Bernard Erhard. Bernie, basically, kept a close watch over all the stuff to ensure that everyone played fair. Joining play-by-play dude Joe, post-segment interview wench Lisa and mighty Bernie that first season were: Big Jim Maniaci (Plague), Benny Graham (Chaos), Rodney Mitchell (Knightmare), Doug Rogel (Pyro), Dot Jones (Lady Battleaxe), Jessica Long (Princess Malice), Nancy Georges (the Steel Maiden) and Cameo Kneuer (Raven).

On K&W, two male-female teams --- the "Knights" half of the show's title --- battled the eight "Warriors" in eight deliciously cheesy semi-tough games of physical skill, a la American Gladiators. As "The Fox-2" observed in a commentary for the Internet Movie Database, "If you thought Gladiators was cheesy, K&W made it look like a session of Meet the Press. Still, for all its hokey-ness, it sort of resembled a car wreck, in that you couldn't watch it, yet you just couldn't tear yourself away from it. Despite its hackneyed 'good vs. evil' premise, it was actually fun. Sadly, like many copycat franchises in the U.S., K&W never really caught on, as was gone long before Gladiators itself made its own exit."

Well, oddly enough, the show stuck around long enough to welcome into the world little Presley Anne Fowler --- and the episode where proud papa Joe introduces "Baby Battleaxe" warmed the cockles of the hearts those who were into such things. Presley Anne is a radical 16-year-old teen these days, last I heard of her; I trust that her father is keeping a close eye on her.

Anyway, the gang from ITV's Knightmare, Season Two, is introducing my revamped Dark Chambers so that it can reflect the coming days of Halloween. But they won't be there for very long; they'll only be there just for the entire month of October ONLY! After October, the newer, more permanent entry portal will consist solely of the Dark Chambers logo, created for me by dearest Ik the Troll, and the word ENTER. I think you goodly gentles can figure the rest out for yourselves.

But have ye no fears, for all the regular features will still be here for your enjoyment, whereas some of them may have to be placed into my Editorial Archives segment. We'll work it all out, I think, by the end of September. A couple of other loose ends to be tied up: I believe I have an e-mail to write --- for while we're having our Medieval Festival @ Fort Tryon Park, Sunday, September 28th will also mark the first full day on the Throne for Their Royal Majesties, King Darius Aurelius Serpentius IV and Queen Alethea Eastriding of the SCA's Eastern Kingdom! I must let them know I'm around, and yes, I must grumble at them as well, for once again, those thrice-damned scheduling conflicts shall prevent me from greeting them in person! Fie 'pon those scheduling conflicts! Fie, fie, fie!!!

(Oh yeah: did I mention I still have Talk Like a Pirate Weekend to worry about as well?)

Oh twaddle! As ever, a Dragonmaster's work is never done!

Master Blackwolf