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Saturday, March 25, 2006

More on the Lord of the Rings Verdicts

As you know by now, Mortals, The Lord of the Rings: Live on Stage! is happening at the historic Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto --- the only place in North America where you can experience the Tolkien trilogy as it's never been experienced before.

As ever, my usual apologies for whatever rude remarks I utter in this post, but --- oh, let's just call a bloomin' spade a spade and be done with it! As far as your Dragonmaster is concerned, Ben Brantley and all those know-nothings who trashed this show can go fuck themselves! The money is all up there on that stage, my friends! This musical will knock dead anything and everything that dares get in its way, Mortals --- and he that says otherwise is, quite simply, full of shit!

Indeed, were I our Exalted Brother Gandalf, I would seriously start thinking about brushing off me finest Mithrandir robes, dude. Thou hast heard it hither first, Mortals: three years from hence, The Lord of the Rings: Live on Stage! will make it to Broadway, New York City. Until then, do whatever you need to do if you wish to see this show. Mark my words, goodly gentles --- you come back hither three years anon, and I promise ye, this baby will become a hit, whether they like it or not. In fact, let me predict it to ye in five words:

Frodo. Will. Own. The. Tonys.

And again, say I, he that dares say otherwise is herewith declar'd full of shit!

As ever: Hast thou a problem wi' that, Milord?

And, of course, I wanna know what you think, America. You know where to send your e-mails ---

Master Blackwolf