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Monday, June 12, 2006

News of a Happy Invitation!

His Majesty, King Henry VIII of England has just now e-mailed me with the idea that, should I so consider it, I, your humble Dragonmaster, should be his special guest at Samlesbury Hall, near Lancashire, England, where the King holds Court every summer! He has been truly enchanted by the many tales I have posted in his Royal Magazine; I wonder if, should he but secure the pounds (yes, that would be the foreign currency), I shall be able to go. I don't want to have to worry about dealing with the necessary security clearances; alas, they are, in this day and age, a necessary evil.

Still, I would be honoured to make the journey; there are, His Majesty tells me, many in England who would wish to meet the Wizard of Manhattan; I have no doubt that I'd like to meet them in return! (Of course, Her present Majesty --- Elizabeth II --- would, sadly, have little if any time to chat up this old bearded beetlehead, but I would be very much respectful in any case!)

As I haven't a passport on me Wizardly person, there would doubtless have to be all the usual particulars that are involved in making everything nice and legal, from a random declaration of purpose to securing re-entry under present laws, etc. I realize I have some major decisions to make; will I able to do everything without having folks misconstrue my actions? As many of you already know, I do tend to be somewhat timid, whether I'm in costume or not; I am never mean or despicable. I may have to have proof of my status as an American citizen from now on. Those are my key concerns. I only hope someone will be willing to help me cut through red tape I cannot otherwise cut through on my own. If and when that happens, I hope the idea proves successful.

Master Blackwolf