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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More Tough Assignments

After a short 2-year stint in Miami/Dade County, Florida, word hath reach'd the ears of your Dragonmaster that the 23rd Annual MTV Video Music Awards will return to Radio City Music Hall here in New York City on August 31st. This will, no doubt, reopen a few old wounds; for, as you know, 'twas there at Radio City in August 2002 that Triumph and I battled, separately at best, the forces of negativity. Again, as you know, I have resolved never to do the VMAs again until such time as MTV issues me a public apology for the way I was treated the last time --- especially after Triumph invited me to the event of his own free will; besides, with MTV's parent company Viacom now split into two fragments, methinks there will be sufficient cause --- or so I can hope --- for a public apology to be issued!

They may not decide to do so --- but they know not that Blackwolf the Dragonmaster has a helluva long memory (even if it does tend to go short-term on me at times!). 'Tis thy call, MTV. Get back to me ASAP --- or, at least, do have the decency to invite me onstage!

Master Blackwolf

"I've got a tough assignment for you!"

As I write here in the ol' Diary of Magecraft, I must tell you that I have been given several important responsibilities.

His Majesty, King Henry VIII of England, for instance, has granted me the burden of occupying his throne these next 2 weeks, even as Ray Irving, the Mortal who has assumed his image, sets off on a journey into the Egyptian territories. (Oh, I do hope that Ray makes it back home; I imagine he'll be missing some verra important Tartan Week ceremonies! Ours here in New York, tae be more precise!)

Meanwhile, my colleagues in the Kingdom of Shiabruck have been alerted to my proposal that their Medieval Faire, and that of the Realm of Gilkeyshire, be united into a single Fair, to be known as the Joint and Eternal Kingdom of Cair Paravel. The joint Faire will henceforth serve the twin Michigan cities of Flint and Owosso, and all their sovereign and sundry populace, from henceforth. When I made the proposal last evening to His Majesty, King Henry the Red of Shiabruck, I think he had a jolly reaction to it. I am sure, now that I have made the proposal an official one, that there will be much to benefit everyone!

The burden of securing one's happy home, and battling the powers that be at City Hall, may often be challenging even unto a Mage such as I --- but I have dodged far too many bullets in my many journeys not to believe anything opposite unto this!

So, my next assignments will not only cover Tartan Week, they will also mark a somewhat bittersweet milestone: The Edinburgh Military Tattoo, "the most decorated military display in the world," has announced that after 11 seasons at the helm, Brigadier Melville Jameson will retire from his posts as Chief Executive and Producer at the end of the present season. Having successfully increased Tattoo ticket sales, and having spearheaded fantastic Tattoo productions both in and out of Edinburgh, the Brigadier now looks ahead to a joyous (yet, one hopes, bagpipe-filled!) retirement.

Whew! Well, enough nonsense! Darkness comes soon; and I have to do my thing for a while. Anna, alias Daisy O'Malley, wants me to party with her @ the former Limelight; I sense a strange horror about the place. I find it to be quite not of New York. We shall see..........

Master Blackwolf