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Monday, October 22, 2007

Pre-Halloween Thoughts

Whew! By Merlin's beard, it feels so good to be able to scribble something in the ol' Diary of Magecraft again. Doing this wiz gig is always a chore, but then, alas, much has happened to several of my colleagues in the Wizard and Mortal worlds. For example, Ik the Troll's toesies are killing him (just like mine!); Lord Seversword's Tome has reached 3 million hits and counting; ol' Poopstar and Robert Smigel are on the other end of the lower 48, helping Adam Sandler with his next movie; I've reunited with Martin Sargent, who's now hosting a new web-only wackofest called Infected; Joe Torre quits those #&^%#^@(!*#& Yankees; The Lady Rowling outs beloved Dumbledore --- and as if that's not nutty enough, here I am, hoping to bug Lordi and fiends in person, prior to their 10/29 teamup with Type O Negative down @ Irving Plaza!

Well, given that Elvira, Mistress of the Dark decided to ditch this year's Greenwich Village Halloween Parade in favor of a guest shot on the Today Show, I have to risk being crushed into mush, just to ask Team Lordi to do the Parade in Milady Elvira's stead.

Blarst it all! What's a Dragonmaster gotta do to get bloomin' noticed around here, by Merlin's beard?