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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Humble words of wisdom from a kid named Bugsy....

Once more, Mortals, we see that New York is becoming a not-nice place for an intelligent, sensitive Wizard --- that would be me. Nonetheless, the Grand High Istari have given me a mission to fulfill, and, dammit, I'm gonna fulfill that mission if I have to transform any fuckin' nitwit within a 20-mile radius of me into a toad. Luckily, I still have a few good words of wisdom to share, from that noble sage, Paul Williams. This is "Down & Out," from Alan Parker's Bugsy Malone:

You don't have to sit around complainin' 'bout the way your life has wound up!

Think of all the time you've wasted --- Time's a precious thing to let roll by!

Sure, you've hit the bottom, but remember you'll be buildin' from the ground up!

Ev'ry day's another step that brings you even closer to the sky,

So give it a try!

You don't have to sit around depressed about the way that Luck deceived you!

When Fortune sailed away, you missed the boat and found that you'd been left behind!

Fight and fight some more until you're sure the world is ready to receive you!

Lady Luck is fickle, but a lady is allowed to change her mind!

You don't have to sit around complainin' 'bout the way your life has wound up,

So be a man! You know you can't be certain that you'll lose until you try,

So give it a try!