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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blackwolf Rants at the Naked Cowboy

Once again, dear Naked Cowboy, you are making me so very disappointed in you! How so? Oh, I dunno --- let's say, going to court and filing suit against one Sandra Brodsky, a/k/a Sandy Kane, because she's calling herself the Naked Cowgirl. By Merlin's beard, must you continue to incur the displeasure of Blackwolf the Dragonmaster every damn time I think something's sensible?!

I see I must remind you again concerning why I have numbered you amongst my Champions of the Imagination. You're there to uphold Moondog's legacy, not soil it by exposing that blarsted ego of yours for all the cosmos to see! There's a line that my Champions of the Imagination MUST NOT cross for ANY reason --- a line that separates ego from wisdom! Alas, Robert John Burck, it has become apparent that in spite of all my best efforts, you remain determined to cross that line, no matter what!

Louis Thomas Hardin --- the aforementioned Moondog --- were he alive in the here and now, and would he have lived to see your behaviour, sir, doubtless he, too, would have been incredibly disappointed! Regardless, here be Master Blackwolf's ultimatum: You, Robert John Burck, have exactly between now and August 31st to make nice-nice with Ms. Brodsky, else my wrath shall be of a most undelicious type, let's simply say that.

Master Blackwolf