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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Few Thoughts on Control and How to Possess It

Many times during my travels I have concluded, and I think it may be a fair conclusion, that control is little more than a mere crapshoot game, the ramafications of which are at times hazardous and often maddening. Nonetheless, control often depends on who and/or what is in charge. I say this to you because Mortals fail to see the road ahead of them before even bothering to tumble unexpectedly. Merlin, for many centuries, was a fierce supporter of these ideals, and practiced them with amazing zeal. He realized the frailties of the human race and how, left unchecked, they could play critical roles in the fall of civilization.

In terms of the Internet, obtaining a clear signal and then battling to wield its power requires a proper amount of tools. Used the right way, these tools can properly enhance the network experience. The problem is simply that for every working wireless network, another simply won't cooperate with you when you bloomin' well wanna!

In any case, my intentions for today have not come to fruition. So I shall spend the remainder of this Thursday back at the humble hovel, casting rage spells. Rage spells are the Wizards' version of what Mortals refer to as 'moping;' as I previously warned you, motorists have road rage, Wizards have Mage rage. And I fear that I am well prepared to exhibit the latter.