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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Further Raging Against the Dying of Tonight

As much as I hate having to throw in ye towel, throw it in I must, alas. Barring a last-minute bolt of lightning courtesy of our Exalted Father Merlin, the Leno-Conan war will conclude as I feared it would, with Conan leaving NBC, and Jay set to reassume control of The Tonight Show after the Winter Olympics. Under the terms of their imminent divorce, Conan will be forbidden to use his stalwart segments from his 17-year association with the network --- including, alas, dearest Triumph.

So, with the fresh hound now exclusively the property of NBC, what becomes of my link thereto? These corporate ogremasters will simply cause further controversy to the extent that it would not surprise me were there to be a complete boycott of NBC. With the Olympic coverage less than three weeks away, they cannot afford ill will at this stage in the game. To which I say, too late!

You sons of bitches should have thought of those things before you decided that Jay might have a great 10 pm show. Fie, say I! Now your viewers are unhappy, and they may ditch your precious Olympic programming! I warned you, Mortals, that there would be fallout from this --- and I, for one, hope that the scum who set these events into motion is made to suffer for what has transpired!

I can't rant anymore, kids. I barely have enough strength and stamina to mope as it is. Doubtless there will be more to come on this.