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Thursday, June 05, 2008

"They're just so cute together....."

If there's one thing your humble Dragonmaster has discovered when making me Wizardly presence known in the Multiverse's many indoor and outdoor Throne Rooms, it is this: there are moments when you look at the portrait of Their Royal Majesties, the King and the Queen ---- and then, you suddenly think to yourself: "They're just so cute together......" Of the Society for Creative Anachronism's 19 Laurel Kingdoms, it seems to me that few amongst them are more consistent in ye olde cute department than the Kingdom of Trimaris.

Do you doubt me? Well, take a minute to see for yourselves, as Their Trimarian Majesties, King Mittion von Weald and Queen Rosalinda de Santiago (Mundanely, Tim Opfer and Rosalyn Suh), show us how delightfully wonderful it feels to be ruling their Merry Monarchy from their Royal Palace in beautiful downtown West Palm Beach, Florida:

Of course, I like Mittion and Rose better like this:

These two very cute Royal Photos were taken by one of Trimaris' most faithful photojournalists, the beautiful and talented Isabella Fernandez de Chaves (aka Lady Lily Moon). And I cannot begin to tell you how ticklish and giggly they made me feel! But I suppose you'd like to tell King Mittion and Queen Rose if they made you feel ticklish, too. Well, the Royal E-mail is always there for ye --- that would be --- if you like, you can buzz Their Trimarian Majesties at 1-561/262-5543. I think --- well, actually, I hope --- that they'll be pleased by your comments.

Master Blackwolf