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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Random Ramblings and Other Blackwolfian Christmas Stuff!

As New York's Unofficial Wizard, my job often conflicts with that of the Jolly Old Elf. My usual regret, of course, is that Santa Claus has barely enough time to deal with yours truly, much less worry about the Elves, etc. Yet we have sat down together for an interview several times here in ye olde Diary of Magecraft; the very fact that it's happened at all speaks volumes. I daresay that Santa and I have much in common, not the least of which is our beards --- and, consequently, the length thereof.

Regardless, there's a lot today for you Mortals to digest. F'rinstance: Just when it seemed that those Food Network sillies wanted to show their #1 star, Emeril Lagasse, ye door by pulling ye plugge 'pon wondrous Emeril Live, along comes the obligatory "Not so fast!" from, of all places, the Tournament of Roses Parade Committee! Their just-recently elected President, one C. L. Kenny by name, has chosen Emeril to be this year's Rose Parade Grand Marshal! My word! Talk about kicking things up a notch!

2007, Mortal-reckoning, isn't even over just yet, and already people are thinking 2008. By Merlin's beard, I'm not yet completely ready to let go as yet! Of course, I'll still have to put up with my forever and icky-poo arch-enemy, Ryan Seacrest, and, frankly, American Idol is destined to bore me ---- and the season premiere hasn't aired yet! Triumph's website still hasn't been updated in months, I'm still hoping I can sell me Wizardly person at the next Big Apple Comic Book Convention, where at the very least I can do my usual ogling at ol' Captain Zorikh, and Master Richard's domestic squabbles will drive me bonkers as per usual. Look, Earthlings --- please have the decency to give me a bloomin' break, won't you? Remember, I'm just ONE Wizard!

Master Blackwolf