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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Further Report: The Controversy @ Hogwarts

Tension and speculation continues to intensify across the globe as Harry Potter fans across the Multiverse, most notably your Dragonmaster, turn their attention to the controversy over whether Hogwarts itself is in fact the seventh and final Horcrux; and, if so, will young Harry, on the verge of his 17th birthday, be forced into a situation that might culminate in his being forced to destroy the School, so that both the Wizard and Muggle worlds may yet survive?

The questions increase as fans of the franchise write, blog, record and otherwise rant their speculations after the Lady Rowling, taking on, albeit in passing, the website known as Dumbledore is Not Dead (?).com, determines not to have Hogwarts' beloved Headmaster refrain from pulling a routine a la Gandalf in the seventh novel. Even now, as you are well aware, some have refused to forgive Jo for even thinking of killing off the wise Dumbledore --- which forced your Dragonmaster's hand a year ago into crafting the now semi-famous Dumbledore Eulogy.

But what if indeed Voldemort's pursuit of Immortality proves greater than his thirst to kill Harry? What if such ideas do force Harry to find the means to destroy Hogwarts? When the seventh book is published, will it create more questions than it answers? The situation goes on as the end of the third year of waiting begins .........