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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blackwolfian Award Rant 2!

From the book, The Complete Mission: Impossible Dossier, we read the following:

"Leigh Vance remembers how Ivan Goff pitched Bruce Geller's unit at Paramount Studios as 'the happiest in all Hollywood.' 'Ironically,' Vance comments, 'the morning I arrived, I found Geller in the middle of a screaming match with Doug Cramer over money! Basically, Bruce's attitude was tantamount to, 'I will spend whatever money it takes to make this show work.' Which, of course, he did, but it was always a constant struggle.' "

As the above excerpt implies, dearies, that's what this Writers' Guild strike is all about in the end, isn't it --- money. D'bloons, Dinero. Moolah. Der big bucks. And of course, as you know, nothing surprises your Dragonmaster anymore. The fight is always a battle for control ---- "a word continuously used, yet seldom understood," I have heard someone say. Nonetheless, power can often corrupt the human soul. As a journeying Wizard, I've seen that happen far too many times in my many travels. As I ponder these things on a Thursday, I wonder how ol' Bruce Geller might have reacted to all that's going on right now. Alas, we'll never know. Bruce Geller was killed in a plane crash in May 1978, some 30 years ago, along with Steve Gentry, at the time the #2 man in Programming at ABC.

I wish that those doing battle for the hearts and minds of Hollywood would take heed of my thoughts, lest Bruce Geller's ghost come to haunt you again. The words I have here quoted ---- "I will spend whatever money it takes to make this show work" ---- should be a testimony in and of themselves. Thus speaks Master Blackwolf!