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Saturday, January 06, 2007

What Makes a Dragonmaster Incredible After a Long, Strange Odyssey

You know, Mortals, I do this job as New York's Unofficial Wizard every day, and I always do me darnedest to keep things around me Wizardly person nice, quiet and completely trouble-free. That, plus the fact that I love freebies as well --- but most of the time, I often worry about whether or not I'm making the right or the wrong impression. As always, I leave the answers to that specific question to you, my faithful fans. I am grateful to those of you who have seen me, be I in or out of me customary robes, and know me only from the Star Wars Nerds clip and know little else. (I only wish, of course, that Triumph's Come Poop w/Me album had won that Grammy for Best Comedy Album; instead, I have to make me preparations now to bring you Mortals yet another five-episode adventure of Blackwolf @ the Oscars!).

So what, ultimately, is it that makes this old Wizardly fool incredible after having taken on all me odysseys, I sense ye asking with some impatience? Well, 'tis the fact that I have made New York my home. True, ye Byg Appyl may have been nutzoid even before the High Istari dispatched me hither, but what the hell --- on a day like today, when January temperatures are expected to make an unprecedented record-breaking shot into 70-degree territory, this be one of those days to simply say:


As ever,

Master Blackwolf