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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Once More, the Case for: Dumbledore for President

Yes, dearests, the time is now at hand when the world is on the brink. Across our country and far beyond, our streets are overrun with hatred, panic, desperation and deep fear. Policemen and other law-enforcement officials can do little, despite their continued attempts at so-called bravado; every public official your Dragonmaster has ever dared to name simply is either clueless or cares not a whit for his/her duties; and as for protestors, there is only one word emerging from their lips: ANARCHY.

There is a darkness among us, Mortals. Once again, the days are coming when this generation must choose between that which is right and that which is easy. And so, once more, at the risk of leaping from the pool of utter insanity, I must sound the call that matters.

I give not a fuck how dead you are, Dumbledore. You're needed in the White House. NOW.

Yes, I am once again making the case for Dumbledore for President. There is now no longer any excuse. To suggest otherwise is to suggest that I join these fools who would make the case for anarchy. No, I won't!

With Albus Dumbledore properly ensconsed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, our world would be free of the chaos and insanity under which it now suffers. Humanity has fallen too far from grace for any one individual to rescue it now. Only one who is beyond individual can attempt such a rescue; I say that Dumbledore is that one.

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Master Blackwolf