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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blackwolf @ the Oscars 2007: A Pre-Telecast Rant

With Beyonce on track to sing two of the three nominated songs from Dreamgirls, and Randy Newman and James Taylor doing Randy's "Our Town" from Disney/Pixar's Cars, frankly, I am not looking forward to the musical segments on this year's Oscar show. Louis J. Horvitz, I know you're out there reading this, because your Dragonmaster remembers well the last time Beyonce's voice was unleashed on the Oscars: They paired her with the American Boy Choir of Princeton, New Jersey, and they sang one of the nominated songs in its original French language version. They didn't even bother putting up any English subtitiles so non-French speaking viewers could follow along.

Happily, all of this year's nominees for Best Original Song are all in English (thank goodness!), so in one respect I don't have to kvetch. However, I really don't need the musical segments to be the Beyonce/Randy Newman show; so Louis, I am begging you, for the greater good of my sanity, limit the musical performances to their alloted time on the telecast. And pray, don't get me started if I hear that Bill Conti is leading the Oscar orchestra again. Please, Bill, I love you too, but please, please, please find a movie to score. Stop letting the Academy give you the baton every other year. 18, 19 years already. Aargh!

Oh yeah, let's talk about Oscar's announcer, too, while we're at it! I'd feel really comfortable if you guys had Randy Thomas back in the booth; hell, I'd be fine with even Gina Tottle or Neil Ross. Frankly, I'd be really happy if Les Marshak were announcing for Oscar again. Tired of Les doing those damn voiceovers for Macy*s.

Yes, your Dragonmaster is on grumpy ol' Mage mode, and frankly, I care not who knows it. You're not gonna see me on the red carpet unless a) Robert Smigel and Triumph want me to be there; and b) it matters to my ability to bring you folks the story. And that, goodly gentles, be the name of that tune. Of course, as always, I welcome your responses to me mutterings. Thou knowst how to e-mail me, you sillies: and When I'm offline later this week, I'm gonna give Barnes & Noble Union Square an ultimatum: I need Jim Dale to do the Potter party @ the Union Square bookstore. I know Jim is somewhere undisclosed recording the Deathly Hallows audiobook; you guys gotta get Jim for the party!

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