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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Today's Guest Blogger: King Arthur!

Greetings, Lords and Ladies, from Camelot!

I, Arthur Pendragon, King of Britain, have been asked by the Mage known as Blackwolf the Dragonmaster to offer my services as a Guest Blogger. Now, as I understand it, blogging involves the inscriptions of one's day-to-day thoughts concerning life, adventures, noble deeds, and strange things in general. Master Blackwolf has asked me to blog hither to share a few words with those of you who feel that ye have lost hope in pursuing a dream or two:

Be comforted, dear friend, and know that there will always be places in the world where dreams can be believed in. This, as you might suspect, is one of the things dear Merlin used to tell me about when I was a boy; I have, I imagine, learned so much since then. There is, however, one thing I should like to say: the Mortal called Ed Beard, Jr. did quite a fabulous job painting me as I sat on me Throne, pondering my destiny, mighty Excalibur in hand as always! Sir Edward, you are, as the Moderners say hither, ye Man! I would enjoy posing for you again, if at all possible!

By the way, why is it that these Pirates are able to get all the big bucks with the help of this Bruckheimer twit, while I couldn't get even $50,000,000? Have I really lost me fanbase, I wonder? Surely, there must be sombody nutty enough to actually say that they're fans of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. And frankly, I'm bored with the Spamalot thing. I love that the Pythons did my silly side proper justice, but there comes a time when you have to tell the world enough is enough. And as far as the Spamalot thing goes, enough is becoming enough.

One other thing: have you goodly gentles checked out the new look for the CW Television Network lately? I should like to try and get a sitcom developed there, if at all possible.

Well, fans of Excalibur and the Dragon, that's all I can scribble for now. I hope your dreams of Chivalry and Honor are fulfilled.

Until next time......



Arturus Rex Pendragonus
Rex Quandam, Rexque Futurus