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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blackwolf on Idol: It's All Over!

And so Lee DeWyze becomes this season's latest American Idol; and Simon, who was practically the show's human face and force of nastiness combined, reminded us that we, not he, were the true judges of the program.

Regardless, and despite the fact that there shall indeed be a 10th season of the show on Fox in January, it's all over. Idol as we know it will never again have the prestige and influence it had in its early years. The journey has taken us From Justin to Kelly --- only to degenerate into a roll call dominated by one question:

"Who was that recording artist?"

More often than not, we repeatedly lose sight of the fact that it's a recording contract that's the series' raison d'etre. As a result, we barely care that that's what it's all about. And that's the sad part --- we forget that these people are supposed to sell records. Problem is, no one's around to ask, "To where?" Tower Records is gone, as is Sam Goody. Virgin Megastore pulled the plug on itself a while ago; and the jury remains out on Blockbuster. We have become, put simply, Generation iPod; there is no longer any such thing as an Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album, because we're just pretending that there is.

Dick Clark, he who of old called himself America's Oldest Living Teenager, is pushing 80; he, too, is aware, I think, that the time is coming for him to pack it in.

No, my children, when you watch American Idol on Fox in January 2011, Ryan Seacrest will still be your host. The show will simply no longer be the powerhouse that it once was. And whoever wins it all in May 2011 will simply be subjected to hearing the words: "They're all gonna forget about you...."

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