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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wrapping up a first quarter's worth of cool adventure!

Well, that was one doozy of an Easter Parade thingie I was in on, dear Mortals! I didn't get that rematch with Pyro the Dragon, but hey, at least
Rapid T. Rabbit himself showed up, and I will very likely be featured on his post-Easter Parade episode. And besides, I will cherish the thrill of having kissed the Imperial hand of Her Serene Imperial Majesty, Empress Gefil Tefish! She and her loyal Royals of the Imperial Court of New York will be well-honored, and thrice welcom'd! Huzzah!

Well, what else can I tell you? Oh, not much, other than that I got interviewed by Russian Television, I had my photo taken over 200 times in a single day, and even got thoroughly exhausted beyond Mortal endurance! Hopefully tomorrow, I shall celebrate my triumph when WVOX-FM Radio, New Rochelle, Westchester County broadcasts another 6 of the clock session of In Focus w/Dr. Dan Miller & Friends; I have had to pester the good Doctor by phone at his humble abode, which is being painted, so that I could secure said guest slot. One lives, one learns. Ah, me.

Well, tomorrow's gonna be so nice, I plan on taking a day off from me usual duties as NYC's Unofficial Wizard! I miss being at Bethesda Terrace anyway; and besides, Master Thoth might decide to come out and play as well (I haven't seen the ol' loony in the loincloth in quite a while)!

Well, do let's get real hither, goodly gentles: All work and no play maketh Blackwolf a dull Dragonmaster! See ya!

As ever,

The ol' Mage of Talisker (Master Blackwolf)