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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blackbeard the Pirate Guest Blogs Again!

Ahoy, Mortals! Blackbeard, the Most Dangerous Pirate on Earth, here. Now shut up an' lissen:

Well, we had us a blast in 2K6, is what we did, eh what --- especially with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest boastin' $1,000,000,000 worth o' d'bloons at the worldwide box-office --- and ol' Squidbeard, a/k/a Davy Jones, destin'd ta be takin' his place in Disney's Rogues' Gallery o' Nasty People. (Note that we no longer call ourselves 'villains', as it ain't exactly been a great year to determine what or whom be the Good Guys and what or whom be the Bad Guys!)

Anyway, thanks ta everybody what made 2006 one a' th' best scurvy years for us beastly Buccaneers yet! Why we ain't yet got a big deal o' our own, who knows?

Waitaminnit! What in thunder'm I sayin' here?! We do 'as a big deal -- that be Gasparilly, come February in Tampa, Florida! And that reminds me: I need ta be layin' a broadside er two agin them swabs at CBS Sports! Ya see, they're broadcastin' Super Bowl XLI this February --- an' ol' Teach be havin' way long memories o' the last coupla times CBS Sports did the scurvy Super Bowl! Blarsted landlubbers gave me Gasparillan shipmates the shaft, thinkin' that thar mealy-mouth'd Jim Nantz interviewin' President George H. W. Bush were more newsworthy than givin' Ye Mystick Krewe o' Gasparilly their long-overdue an' first-ever national TV exposure!

Oh yeah --- did I mention that the last time CBS Sports did the Super Bowl, a certain 'wardrobe malfunction' ye Mortals mighta 'eard about took place?

So now ya knows, bilge rats! And if'n ye be the decent Mortal landlubbers I think ye be, ye'll be doin' this ol' Pirate a favor an' not watchin' the Super Bowl on CBS Sports! Let's call it personal vengeance, kiddies --- what them teenagers be callin' an attitude problem, eh what?

Fair winds an' safe harbors, me buckos!